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In the spirit of trying to connect with you, my audience, here are some random factoids about me.

• Born in Chicago, Illinois. Grew up in the great college town of Urbana, Illinois.

• Currently living in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, and loving it!

• A rare cat AND dog lover.

• Believes beards confer mystical powers.

• Enjoys chocolate chip cookies just a little soft. Bacon, however, must be extra crispy.

• A big fan of craft beer, and for an unsolicited oddball beer suggestion try Wells Banana Bread beer. Don’t judge until you try it!

• My childhood home had a veritable zoo in its basement: bearded dragons, ball python, corn and fox snakes, leopard gecko, Madagascar tomato frog, red-ear sliders (backyard), green anoles, green tree frogs, firebelly toad, and a tarantula.

I am a scientist by training – holding a Masters in Biology and nearing the completion of my doctoral program – and while I recognize the importance of rigorous scientific research and effective writing, photography has that special something that can be understood by nearly everyone. It can be particularly effective to help tell stories, and it is this fact that has drawn me to conservation photography and conservation storytelling. For more of my thoughts, please see the diagram to the right showing where conservation photographers fit within the broad field of Conservation Biology and their role in helping create change. 

My goal as a photographer is to make the beauty of nature accessible to everyone and, perhaps, bring that beauty into your home. I also feel compelled to share my knowledge with you and strive to provide natural history facts whenever I can. Thank you for looking through my website! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the contact link on the left.

Commercial and Editorial Clients

BBC Wildlife Magazine



Minnesota Conservation Volunteer Magazine

Freshwater Fishes of North America book

On the Water Magazine

New Hampshire Wildlife Journal

Ontario Out of Doors Magazine

Parks Canada

Nature Conservancy of Canada

Island Nature Trust

Trout Unlimited Canada

Wildlife Conservation Society

Tourism PEI

Welcome PEI

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Pisquid River Enhancement Group

Discovery Centre - New Hampshire

Canadian Water Network

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

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